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Coruña Veteran Car is an association of lovers of historic cars founded in the city of A Coruna in 1999, with the aim of bringing together car lovers.

One of the main events we organize is the traditional Rallye Teresa Herrera of historic cars, which in this 2016 edition will celebrate its XXVII.
Together with the organization of this rally other activities are carried out in order to encourage the preservation and dissemination of classic cars. Among them should be highlighted concentrations and routes.

For 2016 the Xuntanza Mercedes Benz Classic Galicia in May, Route Ribeira Sacra in June, Xuntanza of American Cars in July, in July also the path Malpica, to August XXVII Rallye Teresa Herrera, the Xuntanza Classics British in September, Xuntanza Spanish popular cars in October, the SPA for November and December Route the Xuntanza End of year.